Social services:

  • Social activation service for seniors and physically handicaped people
  • Personnel assistance
  • Accompanying services – Transportation of handicapped children to school
  • Social activation service for families with children
  • Streetwork programs for homless people

Voluntary programs:

  • Volunteer and material assistance in disasters (floods etc.)
  • Help to lonely seniors and physically handicaped people
  • Help to people who are long-term taking care of ill and handicaped (respite service)
  • Correspondence with prisoners
  • Social activation service for young children and families and for support of families
  • Volunteers for homless people
  • Help to physically handicaped people at special one-time events

Maltese Aid operates throughout the Czech Republic and helps all the needy without a difference. Projects of the Maltese Aid, whether nationwide or regional, try to fill the “white spots” in the aid to the needy in the Czech Republic Nowadays it has its activities in 12 towns around all the Czech Republic